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Better mental health and hormone balance for new moms

  • Nicole Hunt

After Delivery Care in Johnson City, Tennessee

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

After delivery care is crucial for you to fully healing after birth so you can seamlessly move onto the next chapter of your life - whether that’s returning to work, being a stay at home parent, or something else.

Let’s talk about 3 important factors of after delivery care for the birther or mother after delivery - and the studies behind them.

Optimal sleep for after delivery

Multiple studies indicate that lack of sleep contributes to postpartum depression. Not only that, but lack of sleep just makes you feel like you’re going crazy. Sleep is one of our top priorities after delivery for both mom and dad.

After delivery, sleep is sparse and can seem chaotic. Baby wants to eat every 2 hours or so, which means mom is not getting the sleep she needs. As part of our after delivery care here in Johnson City, we help you optimize your sleep and get rest in your waking hours as well. Lack of sleep leads to mental health problems like postpartum depression - we can help you get your best sleep so you can physically heal and stay mentally strong.

Nutrition designed for after delivery

Why is food important after delivery? Birth leaves a dinner-plate sized wound in the uterus that needs healing. With the stress of a new baby, breasts beginning to produce breastmilk, and less sleep than normal, after delivery makes it hard to completely heal. If we’re eating the wrong food, it taxes the body unnecessarily; the body is already working overtime to heal after delivery.

As part of our after delivery care, we provide 2 meals per day for your family designed for deep, profound healing. Our nutrition plan targeted for after delivery.

Plus the nutrition guidelines we use are shown to reduce your risk of postpartum depression. (See the study here).

Mental Health for after delivery

A huge part of mental health is just knowing the facts. After delivery naturally puts the whole family at higher risk for mental health problems, from postpartum depression to postpartum PTSD.

After delivery care needs to include mental health education. For example, how does postpartum depression show up in dad? (Hint: postpartum depression looks different in men. Learn more on the blog). Or what are the baby blues? (learn more on the blog).

Research shows that 1:1 support with moms after delivery means they get connected to depression resources better and get more support. In order to give you the best after delivery care, I am trained by Postpartum Support International in mental health with pregnant and postpartum people - that means both mom and dad, or birther and partner.

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Personal Postpartum Specialist

Hormone balance for new moms