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8 Unique Baby Girl Names of 2020

Baby names can be hard to narrow down. Here are some of our favorite girl names. In this post you’ll find some unique girl names - all with the name meanings!

Let’s get started!


Aster is a beautiful flower in the Asteraceae family, the same family as the daisy. It resembles a daisy with pink, purple, or red petals. These flowers can mean innocence and purity. On the flip side, these flowers are also symbols of durability because of their toughness.

Mythologically, the Greek Goddess Astraea was said to have looked down on the earth. She grew sad that there were no stars on the earth, and cried. Her heavenly tears fell to the earth and turned into the Aster flower. In France, these flowers are known as the “Eyes of Christ.”

When it comes to baby names, this one is perfect for the innocent yet tough baby girl.


Awen is a Welsh name that means “muse,” or inspiration of the poetic and creative arts. It first appeared in Welsh writing in 796 BC.

Giraldus Cambrensis wrote in 1194 about “awens” or muses he observed in Wales, describing them as passionate, outspoken.

As you consider girl names, Awen is perfect for the baby girl that is an inspiration, or is passionate herself.


Briella means “God is my strength” and “little woman of God.”

Depending on what source you find, it may be an Italian name or an Americanized version of a Hebrew name. It is speculated that this name came from the Hebrew name Gabriel, which was modernized into Gabriella and then shortened into Briella.

Assuming Briella originated from Gabriel, Gabriel made his first biblical appearance in the book of Daniel. Daniel has a vision of a ram and a goat. As he watches it and tries to understand the vision, Gabriel appears to Daniel to explain the vision.

While sifting through baby girl names, consider this name for a particularly spiritual little girl who is close to God.


This is one of our favorite unique girl names. There are a few possible origins of this name. First, Caelan is possibility an Anglicized version of the Irish name Caolán which means slender person, powerful, contemporary child, or victorious people.

Caelan also could be an Old Welsh name whose direct translation means “from the town by the field.” Alternative spellings of the name change the Welsh meaning of the name; “Cailan” mean by a water, lake, or river.


Kaia is a Scandinavian name that means “pure.” Some sources say that Kaia also means ”sea” in Hawaiian!


Lia is a Greek name that means “bearer of good news.”

In parts of the world it may be a shortened version of a longer name, which means it could have origins from all over the world. When used alone, though, we can use its Greek meaning and assume its Greek origins.


Lila comes from a Hebrew word that means “night.” The original Semitic Hebrew word that this name derives from is “Lailah”

In the Jewish tradition, both oral and in the Talmud, Lailah is known as an angel. Her name means “night” and was the angel appointed to help Abraham.

Also in this tradition, Lailah is responsible for conception, choosing a soul from the Garden of Eden and assigning them to enter the embryo. Before the baby is born, Lailah strikes the top of the baby’s lip and makes them forget anything before birth. That action creates the philtrum, or the indent below the nose and above the top lip. Lailah also serves as a guardian angel throughout life and leads the soul to the afterlife.


Rylie is an Irish name that means valiant, courageous, lively, and brave.

This name was originally a boy name until about 2016, when it was the 25th most popular girl's name.

Rylie originates from the surname O’Reilly, which is an anglicized version of Ó Raghallaigh. The Irish O’Reilly clan, or group of families, can be traced back to a man named Conn Ced-catchach (Conn of the hundred battles) who ruled as High King of Ireland until the 2nd century AD.

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