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Better mental health and hormone balance for new moms

  • Nicole Hunt

Do I have postpartum depression?

Okay, let’s get it out of the way: I’m not a psychiatrist or a therapist - I’ve been trained in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. This post does not replace medical help, please talk to your medical provider. Of course, I'm not diagnosing anyone. This is purely for your information.

We’re going to go over the symptoms of postpartum depression in women. To find out what postpartum depression is like in men, visit this post. This will give you more understanding as you ask the question "Do I have postpartum depression?"

Depression after birth

These symptoms come from Postpartum Support International, a leader in mental health during pregnancy and postpartum. This page will be updated as Postpartum Support International gets newer and newer research, so you can have better information to answer “Do I have postpartum depression?”

Symptoms of postpartum depression can start anytime during pregnancy or the first year postpartum. They can be different for everyone, and might include the following:

  • Feelings of anger or irritability

  • Lack of interest in the baby

  • Appetite and sleep disturbance

  • Crying and sadness

  • Feelings of guilt, shame or hopelessness

  • Loss of interest, joy or pleasure in things you used to enjoy

  • Possible thoughts of harming the baby or yourself

How to get help

If you need help, I recommend finding a therapist that specializes in perinatal (aka pregnancy and postpartum) mood disorders. Here’s my favorite directory for local resources to Johnson City, Tennessee and the Tricities area specific to moms.

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Personal Postpartum Specialist

Hormone balance for new moms