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What does a postpartum Doula do?

My top priorities in making your postpartum peacefulrealaxing, and blissful.

By now you’ve probably googled the difference between a midwife and an OBGYN, and maybe even dabbled in what a birth doula is. Here’s the real question though.. what exactly does a postpartum doula do? I mean, the hard work is over, right? What else is there to do?


When I was pregnant I googled over and over what does a postpartum doula do. I was left, honestly, pretty confused. So let’s clear that up: what does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula keeps your household running


After having a baby, there are tons of things that need to get done - from tons of newborn laundry, to cleaning bottles, to cooking meals for the parents. One of the jobs of a postpartum doula is to let you rest as the birther, and one way they do that is by accomplishing household tasks so you don’t have to. The postpartum doula’s job is to take as much off your plate as possible. One of the ways Nicole does this is by organizing your tribe around you so loved ones run your errands, do housework, take care of laundry, etc.

A postpartum doula helps you with breastfeeding


Or bottle feeding.


There is a steep learning curve when trying to feed a newborn. When you’re exhausted from only sleeping in 2-hour chunks, a postpartum doula can help you get the baby latched. Breastfeeding often looks natural and simple but a brand new parent often needs a lot of help learning how to avoid or deal with infections like thrush or mastitis, and how to handle bleeding and cracked nipples. One of the most important things that a postpartum doula does is help you achieve your feeding goals with your baby - whether that’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

A postpartum doula helps you get better sleep


When a postpartum doula is helping you with household tasks, and feeding your baby, you’re already going to have more time to sleep. On top of that, a postpartum doula has been learned some tips and tricks that will help get baby to sleep easier, which means you get to sleep more.


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